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November 2, 2019
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April 19, 2024

Types of Facelift in Singapore

Facelift in Singapore

Despite popular belief, the term “facelift” encompasses more than just one procedure and they can vary depending on the needs and safety of the patient. As a guide, we have listed the different types of facelift offered in Singapore;

Composite Facelift

In this technique, the deeper layers of tissue are targeted by the surgeon through a process of mobilisation and repositioning. Ultimately, the orbicularis oculi will be the main priority as it will be repositioned.


Traditional Lift

Although there are many types of facelift, this is perhaps the most popular and the one that first started the trend years ago. After making an incision from the hairline to the front of the ear, the surgeon will continue around the ear and curve back up to the back of the ear. As this loose skin becomes separated from the tissue of the face, the skin will be pulled tight before being stapled shut once more.


Skin-Only Lift

Rather than looking to target all sorts of tissues and muscles, this method places an emphasis on the skin itself. If skin elasticity is a problem, this is the best solution as it is quick and easy. However, the resulting look will only last for up to one year.


Thread Lift

Again, this process is rather simple and is often considered the least invasive of them all. For anyone looking for minor changes, a thread lift will get to work mainly around the eyes as well as the forehead and nasolabial fold. Years down the line, the results will still be clear to see and the procedure itself only requires local anaesthetic.



As we age, the mid-face area often flattens and this procedure will look to correct this. If you have a significant amount of sagging in the neck though, you will not quality for this type of facelift.

Individual results may vary for each of the above methods. Always consult a doctor beforehand.